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        Dave Turin Gets Down to Business in Montana

        After spending the summer prospecting, Dave Turin heads to the great Northwest to find gold.

        February 05, 2020
        By: Discovery

        Photo By: MEENO

        Photo By: MEENO

        Photo By: MEENO

        Photo By: MEENO

        Photo By: MEENO

        Jason Sanchez and Dave Turin pan for gold in a new promising location.

        Casey Morgan punches the air.

        A trommel is carefully loaded onto a truck.

        Dave Turin & Casey Morgan inspect the ground for flakes.

        The iconic Dozer Dave Truck.

        Casey Morgan climbs into the rock truck.

        Dave Turin and Jesse Goins sit in the gold room awaiting the results of their dig.

        Dave Turin examines the ground.

        An arial view of Birdseye Mine.

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