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        Naked and Afraid Kaelia and Tim

        Naked and Afraid Kaelia and Tim

        Kaeila and Tim meet at Insertion

        From: Naked and Afraid

        Bring Nothing, Give Everything. Naked and Afraid is Back Like Never Before

        By: Discovery

        Naked in the Bermuda Triangle? There's a first time for everything.

        February 06, 2020

        From shark-filled waters of the Bermuda Triangle, jungles of the Philippines, to the frozen peaks of the American North, this season of Naked and Afraid is challenging survivalists across five continents.

        The new season of Naked and Afraid premieres Sunday, February 23 at 8P on Discovery Channel.

        This year the ultimate survival challenge is full of firsts. Get ready to see siblings put their family ties to the test, a married couple putting their relationship to the test, and a threesome challenge in the Colombian rainforest.

        Photo Gallery

        Can these survivalists endure extreme environments, from the African Savannah, to subfreezing temperatures in the mountains of Montana to a haunted jungle in Mexico? Get ready to take on Mother Nature in its most primitive form.

        Catch up on all episodes of NAKED AND AFRAID and NAKED AND AFRAID XL on Discovery GO and Discovery.com.

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